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War masks in Israel

And so glad we went with his gas mask your filter, injection of atropine. Not only with it but also with those for her husband and two young children, who live with her in a modest house in northern Jerusalem.
Yinyi X (his name remains anonymous to avoid reprisals) took weeks very concerned about the possibility of the outbreak of war in Iraq and to counter Saddam Hussein to Israel. Upon arrival at the store where he works in the center of the Holy City, interrogating your boss about how he saw the situation. “Do I need a gas mask?” He asked one every other day too.
A question that the nearly 300,000 foreign workers living in Israel, many of them illegally, were made with repetitious insistence. Suddenly, they saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The Israeli army echoed the general concern of immigrants made and put on sale a full Iraqi chemical attacks to prevent equipment: a CPAP Sydney gas mask, a filter and an injection of atropine. All for the “modest” price of 40 euros, half of which would be refunded to buyers once finished the war and returned hypothetical gas mask.
Nothing to do with the Israelis or the Palestinians in East Jerusalem who have green card. They all receive their masks, filters, their free atropine injections. Many of them, before picking his team, returned ancient masks.
Nothing to do with Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, who claimed at the time the distribution of gas masks but whom the Hebrews courts denied the right to consider that are the responsibility of the Palestinian administration dynamited.
Well, the second strand of the Hebrew television and Haaretz have now revealed that these not only old but outdated and obsolete masks have been sold by the Army to foreign migrants, without even warning of it and serious risk to your health .
The scandal in Israel is enormous. Ofir Pines, Knesset member and general secretary of the Labour Party, has demanded the opening of an investigation and the corresponding resignation in the dome of the Ministry of Defence for having implemented “a cynical and inhuman policy” against foreign workers. Lawyers human rights organizations have denounced what happened to a more than eloquent phrase: “We give foreigners the garbage we do not want the Israelis.”
The joy of Yinyi, in a well. “Now I understand many things. When we went to collect gas masks we put in a queue to foreigners and other Israelis. They gave them and more modern masks and use and us gave us other expired, so I see. In addition we argued a lot to not open our packages because it could jeopardize the usefulness of the masks when they wanted to avoid is that we realized the expiration date. What happens in this country is that we are not human beings too, honored family with children? Workers “, he asks with tears in his eyes. Not for less. Atropine, like any medicine, can cause health problems if injected expired.
It also filters out of time are useless. And it is that injections intended for migrants predate 1995 while gas masks and filters predate 1982.
33,000 units sold expired
Spokesmen for the Israeli Defense Ministry have recognized that the equipment sold to foreigners (33,000 so far) were outdated but insist they still could be useful in the next six months. But only for foreigners, never for Israelis.
The war of masks has not done it but start in Israel, less than a week of Purim, the Jewish carnival. The trouble is that in this case are gas masks and not to disguise themselves and can ultimately save lives in danger.Nobody believes that Iraq today has the capacity to reach Israel with missiles but the citizens of this country have everything ready so that if that happens the least impact. The case of the 300,000 foreign workers, mostly from Eastern Europe and Asia, is also on this occasion, another story, another war.

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