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Ten years after the conflict: the best movies about the US invasion of Iraq

How cinema has portrayed the last large-scale war? propagandists tapes, anti-war and other Middle Eastern countries are among the highlights.

Ten years after the conflict: the best films about the US invasion of Iraq

Since World War II, the US invasion in Iraq, which these days celebrates 10 years has been the war’s registered cinema, with the caveat that has been documented only in a decade with the facts, in some cases even acaeciendo.

They have made about thirty fiction films, as much of documentaries and television, and also have been busy all platforms to illustrate it: from the video recording by the soldiers themselves, blogs, videos for Internet and cellular, which has given the conflict a multiplicity of views and formats.

All this wealth from xmovies8 we choose the most representative bands of the conflict in the genre of fiction, from the war itself tapes to films that reflect upon its consequences.

Living on the edge (The Hurt Locker, 2008)

It was considered at the time of its release, as the best film about the invasion by Hollywood. He won six Oscars and showed a face of the conflict few times explored with realism: the imminence of death. Without a clear anti-war speech, Kathryn Bigelow’s film showed the brutality and alienamiento soldiers, and an enviable pace to display the vertigo of the conflict.

Conspiracy (In the Valley of Elah, 2007)

American war veteran (Tommy Lee Jones), to investigate the disappearance of his son Mike, a soldier deployed to Iraq just before returning, was away from their base and were never heard.Classical research on the disappearance promenores you question your own beliefs and military.Directed by Paul Haggis, it is one of the most painful period tapes.

Back to Hell (Home of the Brave, 2006)

2006 tape starring Samuel Jackson sobrecuatro US soldiers who are about to finish its mission in Iraq. But shortly before embarking on the trip, they are sent on a humanitarian mission last transport of drugs to a small town. The unit is ambushed and has serious losses, where those who survive are tortured. The tape shows the psychological and insertion effects in the US, in the path of the classic The best year of our lives and Coming Home, but with a much more melodramatic.

Turtles Can Fly (2004)

This award-winning Iranian film directed by Bahman Ghobadi, was one of the first non-Hollywood films that openly criticized the US invasion. The story takes place on the border between Turkey and Iraq just before the US invasion. Its protagonists are children living in that territory and survive to trade on both sides of the conflict. True to the spirit of Iranian cinema, the film is acted by children who actually live in that area, with the consequences that entails, such as mutilation, burns or blindness.

Redacted (2009)

The controversial former Brian de Palma back on track with this a typical film, which revolves around the rape of an Iraqi teenager and the murder of his entire family by a group of American soldiers. Based on a real event that occurred in Mahmudiya in March 2006, the director puts at its center not only the atrocities of US soldiers, but censorship of the media Americans about the war.

Battle for Haditha

This English band did not reach the Chilean cinemas, but is probably the most critical western ribbon with the American invasion. In November 2005, in the city of Haditha, Iraq, Iraqi insurgents bombed a convoy of marines killing the officer. Blinded by anger, his platoon records every house killing all who cross his path. The result is the death of 24 people, including women and children. Director Nick Broomfield, formed in the documentary, delivers one of the most realistic approaches to conflict.

American soldier (2005)

One of the tapes more explicitly pro-US is this film by Sidney J. Furye. In 2004, during a routine tour, a patrol ambushed and trapped across enemy lines and must face the Fedayeen in Iraq and desperately fighting for their lives. The film, low budget, openly sought to encourage young people to enroll to war.

The Mark of Cain (2007)

A British army patrol is ambushed and killed their leader. Two young soldiers, prisoners of despair, looking in every house the culprits and rush events. Back in England are judged by mistreatment and torture of suspects. This British film of 2007 directed by Mark Munden is in fact a TV movie that won two Bafta awards, watch the movie on putlocker.

The situation (2006)

Shortly after the fall of Saddam Hussein, a patrol of US soldiers launched by a bridge two young. One of them dies, but the fact unleashes a wave of violence in the country. A US periodosta which is covering the invasion, seeks to make a report and next to a iraaquĆ­ photographer, you will discover the truth of what happened. This is the first American film fiction that acclimated to the conflict.

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