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Presentation of EL TENEDOR DE BOOKS – author of books of war

Xordica publishing and carriers dreams we are pleased to invite you to the presentation of the bookkeeper, José Luis Melero. The author will be joined by Ignacio Martinez de Pison, Fernando Sanmartin and Chusé Raul Uson on Tuesday 15 December at 20h in dreams Carriers (C / White, 4 – Zaragoza).


In The Bookkeeper we will find what is the sign of all the books of José Luis Melero: his unique and personal journey through the less traveled history of literature. And so we will know how was the bedroom of Perez Galdós and how he carried the Spanish cape Diego de San José, the solitude in which the poet Ignacio Ciordia died, the grudge against Baroja Luis Ruiz Contreras, the sale of the library of Cánovas del Castillo , The unpardonable gossip of Alfredo Marqueríe on Antonio Machado, the remorse of André Gide for having rejected Poust’s original A la recherche du temps perdu, the few copies he sold from his books Ramón Gómez de la Serna, the true story of the umbrella Of Azorín or the exciting lives of Ivan de Nogales or José Mor de Fuentes.

And along with them, many other characters of Spanish culture appear in their pages: María Sánchez Arbós, Alardo Prats, Julio Cejador, Pedro Vindel, Ramón MIquel i Planas or Teodoro Bardají, who recover the presence they once had and that the passage Of the years made them lose unfairly.

The bookkeeper is an illustrated showcase where José Luis Melero shows us part of your library and which exhibits many of his passions and loyalties. The bookkeeper a book for readers is the best.


JOSE LUIS MELERO (Zaragoza, 1956) is one of the leading scholars of the Aragonese literature and a renowned bibliophile. In 1977 he was one of the founders of Rolde of Aragonese Studies and the magazine Rolde , whose editorial board is part since. In the seventies he collaborated with various poetry magazines, founded the magazine Crótalo and was executive secretary of the collection Poems of poetry books between 1983 and 1986. Recognized as one of the greatest popularizers of the Aragonese culture, was President of the Foundation Gaspar Torrente for the research and development of Aragonism. In March of 2015 was named corresponding academic of the Royal Academy of Nobles and Fine Arts of San Luis. It belongs to the Editorial Board of the magazine The Magic of Travelling Aragon and Ebro. It is Heraldo de Aragon columnist and contributor to Radio Cadena SER Zaragoza.

He is the author of books of war (Rolde Aragoneses, 2006 Studies), Life books (Xordica, 2009),Writers and writings (Xordica, 2012), Manual Reader Daily (Oliphant, 2013) and read to tell (BARC, 2003; Xordica, 2015). In 2007 he published in limited edition for bibliophiles Cabinet Chosen Books Aragoneses found in the library of José Luis Melero Rivas. José Luis Acín prepared two anthologies of stories Aragon: Aragon Tales (1996) and More Aragonese stories (2000).

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