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We urge the Department of the Navy to discharge FC3 Pablo Paredes as a conscientious objector on the basis of his beliefs, and further ask that sentence arising from the conviction against him be set aside and the conviction itself be expunged from his record because his public statements and actions show that he is conscientiously opposed to participation in war in any form. They demonstrate that the acts with which he is charged arose entirely from sincere and deeply held beliefs.

Amnesty International says that "The right to refuse to perform military service is a legitimate exercise of the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. It is particularly indefensible that anyone should be imprisoned whilst pursuing a claim through established procedures."

Congressman Serrano issued the following statement regarding Pablo Paredes case:

“The case of my constituent Pablo Paredes raises difficult questions. As a veteran with a great deal of respect for our military, its mission, its soldiers, and history, I understand the importance of high standards of military discipline. I believe that these practices are the foundation of a well-run and effective military, and therefore I do not in any way support or condone violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice by any member of the armed forces. Nevertheless, Pablo Paredes has taken a principled stand against the war, and I urge the Navy to give due consideration to his request for Conscientious Objector Status.”

We along with congressman Serrano urge you to give due consideration to Pablo Paredes request for discharge based on conscientious objection. Additionally, we urge you to strongly consider the positive recommendation of your chaplain and grant Paredes request for CO.

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