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www.IraqWarOnTrial.org News

The Navy has concluded its investigation regarding the case of FC3 Pablo Eduardo Paredes. The investigating officer for the conscientious objector package has recommended his CO be denid. Instead, two charges have been preferred by the US NAVY; Violation of Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), Article 86, absence without leave and Article 87 Missing movement.

The case will be tried in a Special Courts Martial on May 11, 2005. Various support activities are being planned for May 10th, stay tuned for details. Despite the potential punishment from the Navy, Pablo remained true to his convictions, renounced war, is prepared to suffer the consequences and hopes his efforts help raise awareness of the cruelty of our war activities.
  • U-T honors 3,997 student-athletes (San Diego Union-Tribune)Dec. 26 (UNION-TRIBUNE): The 2005 fall season for high school sports begins the 21st year of the Union-Tribune All-Academic Team. The names of 3,997 student-athletes appear on these pages.
  • Pentagon Kept Tabs On Local Anti-War Group (NBC San Diego)SAN DIEGO -- A local anti-war group was targeted by the Pentagon, NBC 7/39 News reported on Monday. Records show the Pentagon kept tabs on a May 11 protest march. Monday night, the San Deigo group said it was outraged, and demanded more details about domestic spying by the federal government.