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Movies and documentaries relevant to 10 years of occupation in Iraq

We present a selection of videos and documentaries that have arisen about the occupation and the war in Iraq, which began on March 20, 2003.
10 Movies Iraq 1

Photo: Special

On Thursday March 20, 2003 began the occupation in Iraq, also known as  Gulf War  or  Operation Iraqi Freedom  in the US and  Operation Telic,  in the UK.

According to Iraqbodycount.org, a site that takes a public record of violent deaths by the invasion of Iraq, the civilian death toll is between 827 and 111 000 122 000 303.

Tuesday November 19 EFE reported that human rights organizations and veterans against the war today called to the White House responsibilities to the United States by the impact of the intervention in Iraq , when the tenth anniversary of an invasion is true that just he has commemorated at the official level.

Ten years ago, the then US president, Republican George W. Bush announced in a brief speech to the nation the start of targeted attacks against Iraq intended to end the regime of President Saddam Hussein.

Thus it began a controversial war deemed “illegal” by human rights organizations and ignored by the US government and official institutions, who have preferred to maintain discretion in this event.

President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, paid tribute in separate statements to the more than 4,000 US military deaths and 32 thousand wounded during“one of the longest wars , ” whose sacrifice, according to the president, he gave the Iraqi people “the chance to shape their own future after many years of hardship”.

Defense Secretary reminded the military and civilian Iraqis “were killed in the crossfire” and those who “continue to struggle to secure and govern their nation”, while showed the US desire to continue supporting their efforts to achieve a “nation peaceful, safe, free and prosperous”.

We present a selection of videos and documentaries that you can watch that have emerged from 10 years ago to explain, photograph, video capture and understand the conflict.

1. The war you do not see, John Pilger (in English, subtitled in Spanish)

2.  Iraq: The Women’s Story

3. Iraq for sale  (English)

4. Frontline: Private warriors  (English)

Private Warriors

League to the official website of the documentary

5. Generation Kill (Trailer, English)

6. Standard Operating Procedure (Trailer, English)

7. The War Tapes  (Trailer, English)

8. Green Zone. Protected District  (Trailer in Spanish)

9. Control room  (in English)

10. Operation Double Bush: The Bravo Company Story (English)

10 years later speak NGOs

EFE reports that activists, although the last US troops left Iraq in December 2011, the war continues for those who are suffering the consequences and ask the United States to be responsible for an invasion that began with the false argument that Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction.

In a ceremony at the White House, organizations Veterans Against the War, Center for Constitutional Rights, together with the Women’s Freedom (OWFI) and Federeation of Workers Councils and Union Iraqis, presented the initiative “Right to heal” ( “Right to cure “), with which they try to achieve restitution of damages.

Againts Iraq war veterans

Photo:  http://www.ivaw.org/

“The US government tried to justify the war saying they could bring democracy to our country. Instead, they brought more violence and sectarian division, “lamented the Iraqi Yanar Mohammed, president and cofounder of the OWFI.

The Center for Constitutional Rights said it introduced, on behalf of these organizations, a petition to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) for a thematic hearing on the “human impact” of this war with testimonies of veterans and Iraqis celebrate that suffered.

With this action seeking an open dialogue about war crimes, sexual violence and damage to public health that caused the bombings and give recommendations to the Government for “reconciliation” and “reparation” to victims.

“The 10th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq marks a notable failure of accountability by the United States, the United Kingdom and Iraq itself,” said Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a statement.

HRW also regretted that despite allegations of abuses against detainees in Iraq, such as beatings, simulated suffocation and electric shocks to the genitals, has not done a thorough investigation, and has been responsible for high charges the “war crimes” committed in the country.

“The failure of successive governments of the United States to investigate the numerous allegations of abuses by US and Iraqi forces has set an ominous precedent and helped entrench a culture of impunity as one of the basic characteristics of the heritage of EE. UU.in Iraq, “he lamented Sarah Leah Whitson, director of Middle East affairs at Human Rights Watch.

Former Secretary of Defense United States. Donald Rumsfeld, one of the visible faces of the invasion, along with former Vice President Dick Cheney, also recalled the event in a discreet message on Twitter in which he said “the hard work of freeing 25,000 Iraqis” and considered that “all playing a role in history deserve our respect and appreciation. ”

The spokesman of the State Department, Victoria Nulad, left for historians on the war valuation and although pointed in Iraq in the last decade “seen progress,” acknowledged the work to be done on a day in which a wave of attacks has killed 50 Iraqis and wounded at least 172.

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