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  1. Who is www.IraqWarOnTrial.org?
    DefendPablo.org and IraqWarOnTrial.org reflect the efforts of a group of individuals and organizations dedicated to supporting the courageous stand taken by Pablo Paredes against the illegal U.S. war of aggression on Iraq, and education the public on why it was wrong to go into Iraq and it is wrong to continue to occupy that country.

    • Pablo Paredes
    • Lynn Gonzalez – Military Counseling Project, Military Families Speak Out
    • Martin Eder – Activist San Diego
    • Katherine Miller – Military Counseling Project
    • Jim Brown – San Diego Veterans for Peace
    • Larry Christian – San Diego Coalition for Peace & Justice
    • Members of International Socialist Organization
    • Carla Lorenzo –
    • Michelle Raymond –
    • Chuck Lowery - North County Coalition for Peace and Justice, Activist San Diego, Veterans for Peace, Progressive Democrats of America
    • Jeeni Criscenzo – North County Coalition for Peace & Justice, Progressive Democratic Alliance of San Diego, CPR4Democracy
    • Rick Hall - North County Coalition for Peace & Justice, ContestTheVote
    • John Falchi - Plan of Action in a Changing Era and Consultant with J. P. Falchi & Associates.

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