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The fifth program of the third season of Top Chef started with big news is that this would be the day of the War of restaurants , a mythical test in all editions of the talent showcooking.

The challenge was to run a restaurant rea l: buy the products, design the menu, cooking, organize the waiters and receive and respond perfectly to forty people.

To do this the contestants would be divided into two groups whose leaders would decide the jury of Top Chef: Mari Paz and Oriol . They who would choose which of his companions went to the other team.

Finally the thing was like this: Mari Paz, Carlos, Alejandro, Luca and Sergio on the gray team doing creative cooked and Oriol, Alex, Montse, Marcel and Mary in the orange traditional cuisine.

All moved to the supermarket on two buses, each of a team. There Mari Paz heard something the opinions and proposals of their peers . On the contrary, Oriol, did command and control because he was the boss.


Once in the supermarket purchase was a disaster with runs, shouting and included falls. Montse fell face down to Álex not control the car and hit him. After the accident, the oldest of the program said in disgust: I have the feeling that the coup has not been by chance.

Already in the boxes gray team makes the purchase without problems. However the orange goes from the 750 euros available and have to start to remove and put productos.

Además realize that they have forgotten to take eggs. For its part the gray team has bought a box of 120 eggs. Montse Carlos asks eggs. Mari Paz is willing to give them but members of his team make you change your mind and do not share or an egg to oranges.

Here he was beginning to get serious thing and Oriol declared war on the gray team.

How to manage a restaurant and the Last Chance

The gray would be the first test. It moved to the restaurant Skylight Barcelona . There would have to prepare everything, cook two first, two seconds and a dessert for forty people and manage the restaurant in two hours.

This team Chicote criticized the lack of unity because it is a menu in which five dishes are prepared for five cooks, he said.

And it was time to serve diners including restaurant regulars, the jury were Top Chef and members of the Orange team.

Most criticized the gray team were rations were very small . Oriol criticized this and everything they did grays and even their own colleagues accused of disrespect Oriol and education.


In turn, the oranges would do the same in the Can Cortada Restaurant , also from Barcelona. In this team there was, from the beginning chaos, deconcentration and poor organization . Boil water cannelloni 40 minutes before arriving diners were spent cooking the pasta, they missed time over … All results in a real craze in appointing a little guilty about their leader Oriol. and in which Montse is about to leave the program.

And in the kitchens of Top Chef Roncero, Chicote Diaz and sent to the last chance to orange team . In this test Oriol, Alex, Montse, Marcel and Maria would have to cook with jellybeans to prove themselves and to continue one more week in Top Chef.

After the tasting and relevant deliberation, the jury decided that the best course for its mix of fruit and trinkets was the Alex, the second of Marcel and the third Montse.

Chicote Diaz Roncero and had thrown unceremoniously, the two remaining contestants for their bad dishes. Paco Roncero to say that these dishes were a hogwash.

The truth is that the dish Meeting of Elders of Oriol remember much the lion eats shrimp another cooking program ( Master Chef ) that so much criticism and jokes easily aroused.

But definitely the night was expelled from Mary, who had made a fruit plate in which the jellybeans (test requirement) were absent.

All his colleagues have felt much the loss of Mary in the program because it was always the joy of the garden.

Regarding Oriol many of them do not even want to see him so disorganized and was on the edge test equipment. Read more here at http://www.chefmod.com.

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